Measuring Farmland Ecosystem Services


This workshop aims to identify the elements of biodiversity that represent measurable natural capital stocks, from which important ecosystem services generate value for commercial farmers.

The emphasis is on measurable. What do YOU think we can measure relatively easily in farmland, using current technologies, to get quantitative estimates of ecosystem services such as natural pest control, pollination, water quality, climate regulation and soil fertility?

We will use a rigorous process for gathering expert judgement, with input from all the conference delegates before and during the workshop. The outcome will be a ranked list of measurable biodiversity stocks for each class of regulating and cultural service.  This will be the first step in a Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Sustainability (BESS) Programme-funded research project linking ecological evidence to decisions about how to manage ecosystem services on commercial farms.

Lynn Dicks is a BESS Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge. She is working in collaboration with AB Sustain, Waitrose and Produce World, to ensure that the research results have an impact on real commercial farms.

Please sign up to express your interest in this workshop at the start of the conference. Up to 10 places will be allocated.