Pop-up workshops

There will be a number of pop-up workshops during the event.  These will be 15 minute focussed sessions. The time-table for these sessions will be announced at the meeting.

1. Rethinking Agricultural Practice: A meeting for farmers and practitioners

This workshop is for anyone who would like to be involved in organising or shaping an event for farmers and practitioners, to follow on from this scientific meeting. The aim is to identify delegates who feel able to commit some time to this.

2. Rethinking Agricultural Policy: Events for policy makers

As above, this workshop is to identify people who feel they could get involved in organising these events . At the moment the idea is to host one hour lunch events in the four devolved centres of govt. for key policy makers.  Potentially, a two page policy note (based on the output from the previous two meetings and agreed between scientists and farmers / practitioners) could be launched at those lunches.

3. Royal Society Scientific Discussion

Every year the Royal Society hosts ten scientific discussion meetings at Carlton House Terrace, London. These two day meetings are intended to be pivotal events of lasting significance. They are a chance for leading and emerging scientists to examine current and future issues surrounding novel, dynamic, innovative and exciting areas of science, engineering and technology. In this pop up workshop we will discuss whether proposing a meeting around rethinking agricultural systems would be a good idea, who could propose it, what the key focal topics would be.

4. Measuring farmland ecosystem services – an explanation of the scoresheet

When you register at the conference, you will receive a scoresheet related to the workshop ‘Measuring Farmland Ecosystem Services’. Please fill this in even if you have no intention of attending the workshop, so we can incorporate expertise from all delegates into the final scores generated during the workshop. The sheet presents a list of biodiversity or natural capital stocks related to regulating and cultural ecosystem services, and asks you to rate how measurable they are, how well linked they are to the ecosystem service they deliver, and at what scale they should be measured.  This 15 minute session is your chance to ask questions and discuss issues raised by this task. Your comments at the pop-up workshop will feed into the workshop outputs.

More pop-up events to be announced.  If you have an idea – let us know!


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