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This event has now been held.  A summary of the event can be found here and information on workshop outputs will be uploaded into relevant sections as soon as possible.  Follow-on events will be advertised via the Agricultural Ecology Special Interest Group at the British Ecological Society and on these pages.
A two day conference at St Catherine’s College, Oxford
BES Agricultural Ecology, Computational Ecology, & Forest Ecology Groups with the Association of Applied Biologists
18-19 December 2013

There is a need for innovative development in the field of agroecology if we are to meet the demands of the growing human population in a sustainable way. However, there is a natural tendency for thinking to fall into ‘silos’ and this can hinder novel thinking.

This meeting will explore agricultural systems in the context of providing ecosystem services: it will ask what we would do in an ideal world and how we can envisage positive changes to the current system given socioeconomic constraints. An important feature of the meeting will be to encourage discussion of techniques across disciplines and discourage the use of labels so that we are unhindered by possibly negative preconceptions. The meeting will explore theory and practice from a wide range of farming systems.

The meeting includes a line-up of nine keynote speakers, four scientific sessions and four interactive workshops that offer delegates the opportunity to contribute to blue-sky thinking.

It will be the first in a series of three strategic events. This first meeting aims to generate ideas for practical approaches, however radical, for the generation of more resilient agro-ecological systems. These proposals will be tabled in preparation for a second meeting (2014), where these concepts will be discussed with a view to assessing their feasibility with practitioners (e.g. farmers and NGOs). A third meeting is planned, to take place in regional government centres with policy-makers to facilitate implementation.

The British Ecological Society have produced a virtual issue for this meeting which can be found here:




These pages will be added to as the event develops and the pages will be maintained after the event so that delegates can access output generated.

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